Sales of Explosives


As an ATF licensed Manufacturer of Explosives, Texas Explosives & Blasting Services is able to offer sales of explosives, and explosive accessories to holders of Federal Explosives Licenses/Permits. 

We stock the following types of explosive materials from various manufacturers:

  • 15gr-100gr Detonating Cord in 500ft and 1000ft Rolls
  • Electric Blasting Caps
  • Nonel(Shocktube) Blasting Caps
  • Shocktube
  • Binary High Explosive Mixtures
  • Dynamite, TNT, C4, and other 1.1 High-Explosives

Sales of explosive materials will only be made to holders of a Federal Explosives License/Permit, and must comply with all ATF laws and regulations. All transportation of explosive materials must be in full compliance with 49 CFR, DOT HAZMAT Regulations

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of explosives to anyone, for any reason.