Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy explosives from you?

Yes, but only if you have a Federal Explosives License/Permit.

How do I get a Federal Explosives License/Permit?

If we hire you to do blasting for us, do we get to set off the explosives?

Yes. You can get as involved in prepping the charges, emplacing them, and setting them off as you want to be. The only thing we will not allow customers to be around, is when we connect the wires to the detonators.

What if I just want you to come out and blow stuff up for grins and giggles?

Explosives are a blast, and fun to set off. So we can do that too.

Are explosives dangerous?

Yes and no. Modern explosives are predictable and stable. Unlike the movies, they do not magically blow up on their own. Most all modern explosives can be dropped, thrown, stepped on, shot, and some even set on fire; without blowing up. As long as safety protocols are followed, the risk of an accidental detonation is extremely remote.

However, they must also be respected, as if you are not careful, you can certainly kill yourself and others. Stand-off distances are your friend when it comes to explosives, and even low-explosives like Tannerite, can be extremely dangerous.
To mitigate the risks associated with the use of explosives, we conduct a detailed analysis of the job site, utilize a strict safety protocol based on military processes and procedures, and remove potentially dangerous debris before the blast. 

Are there places you can't blast at?

Blasting is often an excellent and cost-effective means of moving large amounts of earth quickly. However it is also loud, creates a shockwave, and sends debris flying. So if the proposed blasting site is near buildings, navigable waterways, or sensitive areas; blasting may not be an option.

Additionally there are often legal restrictions on blasting, which vary city to city, and county by county. We will not do blasting in any city limits, nor anywhere in Harris County (Houston).